Serenading... The New Drug of Choice.

Are you doing your part as a Musician & Lover of Music Serenading the Demons of Life?

If you are, and you would like to give more people the opportunity to easily find your Musical Cure and Elixir for Life.

Add a comment on this page including your Name & the the URL of of your Music site.  A link will be created.

From then on tell people to Google your Name and the word Serenading.   They then will find a Link leading them directly to your Magical Potion.
**Note: the folks at the FDA (Fun Drug Association) will test your formula of Serenading,  should it be found to cause any side effects like headaches, irritability, depression, nausea, diarrhea or worst... we will not be able to add your link. Sorry... the World already has an abundant supply of these ills.**

Become part of the cure and help us in our quest to affix a smile to every face while Serenading the Demons.

Before the Cure.

After a little taste of the Music Elixir.

           In the Groove...