Thursday, July 21, 2011

TANGA ... 1943

Watching the film "BUGSY" starting Warren Beatty the other day I heard something that I had not heard years before when I saw this film. In a scene which would have been about 1945, Tanga is playing in a nightclub while Siegal (Beatty) beats a man.  Although it is a recording with Flip Phillips, (who also recorded  with Charlie Parker John's original composition "No Noise" 1949 aka/ Killer Joe 1947)  on sax done a few years later after Benjamin Siegal's death in 1947.  This recording as others are very much representative of the original score turned over to Jack Robbins Music Publisher in 1943. The Arrangement... if not more like the complete composition one of nearly 200 arrangements that John Lewis Bartee did for the Machito Orchestra as stated in a letter to Billboard Magazine in 1946 by Jack Robbins.  Also... not the first time Mario Bauza received full artistic credit & ownership of some of John's work dating back to some work for Cab Calloway.  About the same time John was blackmailed in California. 

Fitting that the music is in Bugsy where a picture is painted of criminals & police thriving in a world of corruption and dishonesty...   A world that the legitimate illusion of today's music & film empires were built.