Raymond Scott Pictures

Who is this with Raymond Scott?   Is the Woman in the center the same woman below?    Was this taken in Long Island, NY.   Is that the trunk of a Palm tree in the background?  That would exclude New York. Or could it be a man made structure like an incinerator in the distance or simply a utility pole.

Is this near  the Three Willow Park, a Long Island industrial development where Scott & Mitzi lived after marrying about Jan/Feb 1967?

Is this Mitzi Scott?    Is this Long Island Coast  before 1972  or California Coast after 1972?  

Ok,  I found the answer to my question on this picture,  since it appears at this site about Mrs. Raymond "Mitzi" Scott.   As of 2010 Mrs. Scott seems much younger than her 92 years. 

If it is Mitzi Scott in the upper photo then she would be the best source to identify the unknown man in the picture.  Including any facts regarding the picture.