Sunday, July 5, 2015

John Bartee: The ORIGINAL Man from Mars

One of my favorites performances by Earl Bostic,  Special Delivery Stomp originally titled Man from Mars has John Lewis Bartee written all over it.  Bostic nailed it just as John intended if he had been performing it himself.  The clarinet version by Shaw you will hear some of John's VOICE which he later shared with Raymond Scott. Some of the phrasing in Special Delivery Stomp you will hear in Hold your Hat / Hold your HATS.
The ORIGINAL Man from Mars
Now while watching & listening to the two performers think about Raymond Scott and the type of arrangements he needed.

Now take some of what John was doing with Shaw 37- 39 put him with Mario Bauza and Calloway and you get tunes like Rhapsody in Rhumba.  Owned by Mills & Calloway.