Friday, March 20, 2015

Carole King

You make Me Feel

I Feel The Earth Move 1971 performance

Up on The Roof

Smackwater Jack

So Far Away

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Morning Serenade

John Williams - Cavatina   (Live 1979)

The Guitar

He plays a song of intricate sound
laced with rifts and scars
tunes of love so lost and found
spun webs of silver stars.

Composed of wood and fragile string
that echo in still air
he plays its song, the notes that cling
to what he can't declare.

Amongst the shadow of silver frets
he plays a song so true
that of a hearts soft, sad regrets
and joys for what he knew

Notes sweeter than a word confessed
let loose like water seeping
breaking the glass of desire repressed
that mends with its own weeping.

He plays for secrets not yet known
song let loose in torrent flood
his tune the marrow of sweet bone
the wisdom of his blood.

- Brigid  ©2010 

Cavatina is a classical guitar piece by Stanley Myers.  It is most famous as the theme from the Academy Award winning The Deer Hunter,  whose writer/director Michael Cimino was a nearby neighbor the year I lived on the North Fork of the Flathead River near Polebridge, Montana in 1985. 

The piece had been recorded by classical guitarist John Williams, long before the film that made it famous. It had originally been written for piano but at Williams' invitation, Myers re-wrote it for guitar and expanded it. After this transformation, it was first used for the film, The Walking Stick (1970). In 1973, Cleo Laine wrote lyrics and recorded the song as "He Was Beautiful" accompanied by John Williams.

My thanks to Brigid for allowing me to share her words.  She has a blog, Home on the Range which is filled with good food, humor, and memories of family & friends. The World she paints offers a perspective of  a very unique individual whose journeys and experiences will leave you intrigued.